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KIRA Network combines several modular components to provide a full-stack experience:

  • SEKAI: SEKAI is KIRA network’s core blockchain application responsible for all on-chain logic, including the settling of users' and app's account balances, preserving state roots’ integrity, and enabling cross-app communication. It plays a crucial role in orchestrating the necessary infrastructure needed to run the apps, liquid capital essential for boosting economic activity and providing shared security for all applications on KIRA.
  • INTERX: INTERX is KIRA’s Content Availability Layer. It ensures rapid, scalable queries and access to on-chain (SEKAI) and off-chain (L2) app data without reliance on third-party RPC service providers such as Infura (Ethereum) and DA networks such as Celestia (Cosmos). INTERX streamlines the creation and maintenance of front-end and L2 applications, eliminating the complexities associated with light clients and providing out-of-the-box support for sequencing, storage, fraud-proof generation, replication, proxy, and middleware layer load-balancing.
  • MIRO: MIRO is KIRA's front-end application, web wallet, and a design pattern for all KIRA L2 apps to follow. It is designed to offer a Web2-like user experience. MIRO is a static and fully self-contained application, enabling users to seamlessly interact with the KIRA blockchain through INTERX from within the security of their browser, with no centralized parties (including certificate authorities) in the middle (or at the security core) of the communication channel between the user and blockchain/app.
  • RYOKAI: RYOKAI supports network operations by automating on-chain and off-chain upgrades, scaling, app deployment, simplifying consensus nodes' management tasks, and enhancing the network's efficiency and security. In other words, RYOKAI is an all-in-one DevOps tool that turns any network participant into an infrastructure expert without the need for years of experience.