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RYOKAI (了解) is KIRA's decentralized orchestration engine, designed to streamline and automate the operations of the KIRA stack components for Consensus nodes. At its core, RYOKAI serves as a physical infrastructure manager, handling critical processes seamlessly:

  • Automated upgrades of the SEKAI system ensure nodes remain up-to-date with the latest advancements.
  • Auto-deployment capabilities simplify the rollout of containerized Layer 2 RollApp execution environments, enabling rapid application delivery.
  • Configuration management for the INTERX decentralized middleware ensures smooth interoperability across the stack.

Leveraging a built-in terminal, RYOKAI empowers Consensus nodes with direct command execution on remote hosts, facilitating efficient node initialization and management. Furthermore, its cross-platform support extends validator account management capabilities to Android, iOS, and Linux devices, providing operators with the flexibility to access and control their infrastructure from virtually any location.

To ensure comprehensive visibility into network health and performance, RYOKAI incorporates Prometheus exporters and the standard Tendermint endpoint (:26660). These integrated monitoring tools collect and relay operational data, eliminating the need for traditional monitoring infrastructure and providing Consensus nodes with a detailed understanding of the network's state.

Moreover, RYOKAI enhances the security posture of the KIRA ecosystem through robust firewall configurations, secure SSH key management, and encrypted communication channels. These measures mitigate unauthorized access and vulnerabilities, fortifying the overall system's resilience.

By orchestrating the KIRA stack, RYOKAI simplifies and streamlines the operations of this decentralized infrastructure, enabling seamless RollApp deployments, flexible cross-platform validator control, comprehensive monitoring capabilities, and robust security measures – empowering Consensus nodes to focus on their core responsibilities while ensuring efficient and reliable operations.