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  • Chain Identifier: chaosnet-2
  • KIRA Manager CID: TBD
  • KIRA Manager version: TBD
  • Genesis File Checksum: TBD
  • Initial Block Height: TBD
  • Block Height Reached: TBD
  • Peers: TBD



v0.3.17 → v0.3.45

  • Added flag for filtering only required modules for migration, #630.
  • Fixed issues with Genesis initialization.
  • Signature verification codebase for metamask send and EIP712 transactions
  • Fee Processing: Improved CLI with flags for execution fees proposal, #626.
  • Slashing Module: Integrated slashing module params to gov module properties.
  • Identity Registrar:
    • Removed abandoned record ids from request records.
    • Fixed bugs in identity registrar verification and handling of non-existing identity records key from an address, #579.
    • Introduced unique identity keys #569.
  • Network Properties: Optimized network properties handling, #555.
  • Webhook & Static Build: Implemented webhook and static build features.
  • Token Module: Updated default parameters type from bool to uint64 on codec metadata and added default denom on AllTokenAliases response.
  • Cosmos SDK: Upgraded Cosmos SDK version to v0.47.6.
  • Multistaking Module:
    • Introduced autocompound interval addition, added validations for commission range, and improved CLI command for upsert-staking-pool.
    • Resolved claim undelegation issue #577.
  • Token Basket Module: Enhanced the basket module for issues #442, #441, #590, #591, #592, and #594. Also supported multiple swaps at once.
  • Spending Pool Module: Enhanced the spending module for issue #597.
  • Gitflow Docker Base-image: Updated from v0.11.2 to v0.13.14.
  • Governance: Added a gRPC endpoint & CLI for querying custom prefixes, implemented missing proposal by voter query filter, and introduced gov properties metadata for ValidatorRecoveryBond and MaxAnnualInflation.


v0.4.35 → v0.4.48

  • Delegation and Metadata Endpoints: Introduced a new delegation endpoint along with an updated metadata endpoint with accompanying unit/integration tests.
  • Proposals Endpoint: Optimized the proposals endpoint for better query performance from the frontend. Tests for this endpoint were updated.
  • Staking-pool and Valoper Endpoint Issues: Fixed issues with staking-pool and valoper endpoints, as well as identity record querying issues.
  • Custom Denom and Bech32 Prefix: Implemented custom denom and bech32 prefix.
  • QueryTransactions Endpoint: Fixed minor issues for QueryTransactions endpoint.
  • QueryUndelegations Endpoint: Implemented QueryUndelegations endpoint.
  • QueryKiraTokensAliases Endpoint: Added DefaultDenom and Bech32Prefix to QueryKiraTokensAliases endpoint.
  • Snapshot Checksum: Made sleep interval for snapshot checksum.
  • Webhook for Sekin Repo: Added a webhook for the Sekin repo.
  • Pub_p2p_list Endpoint and Bin: Fixed issues with the pub_p2p_list endpoint and deleted bin.
  • Sekai Version Bump: v0.3.40